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Orthopedic cancers are associated with bones. Most often, orthopaedic cancers are metastatic, meaning the cancer has spread from another part of your body. Sarcoma is the most common cancer type that starts off evolved in bone. Bone sarcomas are known as osteosarcomas. Other forms of malignant (cancerous) bone tumors include chondrosarcoma, Ewing tumor, malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH), fibro sarcoma, and chordoma. 



What are the risk factors for developing a sarcoma?

There are no concrete reasons why people develop sarcomas, but certain risk factors have been identified:

• High doses of radiation exposure from treatments for other cancers; however, radiation treatment techniques have improved to ensure the targeted area is treated more precisely so effects on surrounding tissues and organs are minimized.

• Individuals exposed to certain herbicides and preservatives have a higher risk.

• Individuals with certain inherited diseases, such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome or von Recklinghausen’s disease, have an increased risk of developing a soft-tissue sarcoma.

• Damage to someone’s lymph system that can arise via surgery or radiation therapy.


How is a sarcoma treated?

Your treatment plan can be based totally on the kind, place, and level of your cancer, in addition to your overall health. Generally, surgical removal of the surrounding tissue is suggested to reduce the risk of the tumor spreading to other areas of your body. Radiation therapy or chemotherapy may also be used to reduce the chances the tumor will recur.


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How are orthopedic cancers treated?

Your treatment options rely upon the stage of your cancer and whether or not the cancers started within the bone or spread from every other location of your body. If your tumor developed in the bone chemotherapy and surgery are options foroving the tumor, as well as radiation before or after surgery. Radiation therapy is an option for targeting the affected area and relieving pain.


Orthopedic surgery benefits and cost in India

The important advantage of orthopedic surgical procedure in India is the absolutely affordable and pocket-friendly prices of treatment as in as compared to different countries of the world. Indian gives orthopedics treatments from internationally trained and educated from internationally-educated medical practitioners who're assisted by devoted staff /assistants. Best state of the art equipment and even robotic surgical operation are used for the treatment in this discipline of medication. Best orthopedic surgeons in India have acquired their education from recognized medical colleges in India or abroad and also have years of experience.


Dr. Haresh Manglani offers best care to the best bones & joint in India

Dr. Haresh Manglani is best orthopaedic oncosurgeon in India. He is the best limb and function preserving surgeon for bone related tumours and has received extensive training in musculoskeletal oncology in prestigious institutes in India, UK, USA and Canada. He has performed more than 500 Limb salvage surgeries with the help of mega prosthesis. Dr. Haresh Manglani orthopaedic oncosurgeon has handled several cases individually as well as been part of teams to perform complex surgeries related to bone cancer and disorders. He has several firsts to his name and is one of the very few orthopedic surgeons in India who is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the field. Best orthopaedic oncosurgeon in India has been appreciated on many instances for his innovative techniques and zeal for orthopedic oncology.


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Dr IPS Oberoi Reaching New Heights Treating Joint Disease In India


In a joint replacement, the abnormal bone and lining structures of the joint are removed surgically, and new parts are inserted in their place. Those new parts may be made from unique steel or plastic or specific varieties of carbon-coated implants. The brand new parts permit the joints to move again with little or no pain. Finger joints (called PIP), knuckle joints (referred to as MP) and wrist joints can all get replaced. Joint replacement surgery removes damaged or diseased components of a joint. It replaces them with new, human-made elements. Joints may need to be replaced when they are damaged from arthritis, years of use and disease. 


Specialization And Special Training

• Trained in joint replacement and adult reconstructive trauma surgery from Klinik and Poliklinik for Unfall-Hand & Wiederherstellungschirurgie, Universitatsklinikum, Munster Germany

• Surgical education in knee reconstructive surgery - Henriettenstiftung, Hannover, Germany

• Joint replacement education - Nuffield health center, Exeter, U.k and Joint alternative unit, Queen Elizabeth clinic, Exeter, U.K.

• Trained in knee arthroscopy and reconstruction - Sporthopaedicum, Straubing, Germany and Rosebank health facility, Johannesburg, South Africa.

• Trained in shoulder surgical treatment - center Hospitalier, St Gregoire, Rhein, France and Cape shoulder health center, Cape town, South Africa


Work Experience Dr IPS Oberoi

He’s a professional in Primary and Revision joint replacement surgeries of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle joint replacement surgeries of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle joints. He's one of the first and among handiest few surgeons to begin minimally invasive reconstructive surgical treatment that is key hole surgical procedure (Arthroscopy). He has also mastered techniques of managing Multi-Ligament and complex injuries of Knee. He has published Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and Sports injury related research publications in text books, journals and prepared manuscripts for Arthroscopy education for young orthopods. He is visiting surgeon to Al Tawara medical / coaching health facility, Ministry of health, Sanna, Yemen. He is also invited as a health care professional in medical schools and hospitals in Iraq, Iran, Oman and Syria. He has given Lectures in numerous global and national meetings. Dr. Oberoi believes in promting health focus and following a wholesome life-style. He has given Lectures in various global and national meetings.



Awards And Honors

• He has successfully performed over 7000 joint replacement surgeries with more than 97% success rate.

• He is the first among surgeons who conducted minimally invasive reconstructive surgery

• He was awarded by Orthopedics Association of SAARC Countries, APOA, ISAKOS, Indian Orthopedic Association, and Indian Federation of Sports Medicine.

• He was the past secretary of Indian Arthroscopy Society.

• He has several publications to his credit and has participated in a number of global conferences.

• He is an active member of many prestigious medical associations across the globe.

• Dr. IPS Oberoi has handled numerous patients in India and abroad and is widely known for the best of hospital treatment. He has posted numerous papers in India and abroad and is a member of prestigious scientific associations.

• Member of renowned organizations, American association of Orthopaedics surgeons (AAOS ), Asia Pacific Orthopedics Association (APOA), Orthopedics Association of SAARC Countries, International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee surgical treatment and Orthopedic sports medicines (ISAKOS), Asian Arthroscopy Society (Secretary), Indian orthopedic affliction. 




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