Dr. Ameet Pispati Dedicated To Provide The Excellence in Total Knee Replacement in India


A total knee replacement is a technique in which the specialist expels a arthritic knee joint and replaces it with an artificial one. This procedure may be done when Arthritic knee joint has become painful or is not working well even with other conservative management techniques. Improvements in surgical materials and techniques since then have greatly increased its effectiveness.

Description Of The Procedure For Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India

A knee replacement may be all the more precisely named a knee "resurfacing" in light of the fact that only the surface of the bones are actually replaced.

There are four important steps to a knee replacement procedure in India.


Prepare the bone. The damaged cartilage surfaces at the closures of the femur and tibia are evacuated alongside a little amount of underlying bone.


Position the metal implants. The evacuated cartilage and bone is supplanted with metal segments that reproduce the surface of the joint. These metal parts may be cemented or "press-fit" into the bone.


Resurface the patella. The undersurface of the patella (kneecap) is cut and reemerged with a plastic button. A few specialists don't restore the patella, contingent on the case.


Insert a spacer. A medical-grade plastic spacer is inserted between the metal components to create a smooth gliding surface.

What are the possible advantages of knee replacement surgery in India?

There are several possible advantages of knee replacement surgery. These include:

• freedom from pain

• improved mobility

• Improved quality of life because everyday activities and exercise are easier.

Research has demonstrated that four out of five individuals who've had knee replacement surgery are content with their new knees. For those individuals who aren't happy, the primary reason for disappointment is proceeding with pain which may not be because of a problem with the operation.

Dr. Ameet Pispati
Dr. Ameet Pispati

Dr. Ameet Pispati One of the Leading Orthopedic Surgeon of India

Dr. Ameet Pispati provides expert consultations and individualised treatments for joint and musculoskeletal problems. Dr. Ameet Pispati is one of the most experienced & respected orthopaedic surgeon in India. With a coveted experience of more than 32 years, he has a historic record of finishing 25,000 total knee replacement surgeries. Dr. Ameet Pispati offers cutting edge diagnostics methods and advanced technology supported treatment options for your bone related problems. Dr. Ameet Pispati have a  360° approach from Trauma Care to Arthroplasty and other treatment options for excellence of care. His focus is to deliver high quality treatment, standard care and quality at the most affordable price. 


Dr. Ameet Pispati Highly Dependable, Genuine Orthopaedic Surgeon in India

Dr. Ameet Pispati is the director of orthopaedics at Jaslok Hospital. Dr. Ameet Pispati has carved out a very respected and veritable reputation for itself in the Indian orthopaedics-care scenario. Dr. Ameet Pispati is well versed with Computer Navigation Techniques, Patient Specific Instrumentation systems and Minimal Invasive Surgeries with least postoperative pain. He is an Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai .


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Choose Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is a professional medical facilitation organisation that provides world class medical and surgical treatment in India to international patients seeking affordable and high quality care. We welcome you to get the benefits of our medical knowledge and skill for a fulfilling and pleasurable medicinal experience in India, that too at a fraction of what it would cost in other countries. What makes India more alluring when compared with different countries is the accessibility of incredibly famous specialists offering their services in exceptional hospital quipped with all the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities. This is accessible at an altogether lower cost even after including your cost of travel and accommodation.

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Malawi Patient Gets Affordable Packages at Best Hospital for Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India



The health facilities at Malawi are few and it is staffed by clinicians with the impossible task to provide care without adequate supplies or support. Due to these reasons the Malawi patients choose the cheapest hospital for total hip replacement surgery in India. The best hip replacement surgeon in India has been highly skilled, qualified and well trained to provide comprehensive care and support to the patients from Malawi. 


Patients suffering with arthritis in the hip joint due to ageing that start interfering in their daily life should consult their doctor. In case they don’t get relief from pain even after taking pain medications then they are eligible to undergo the total hip replacement surgery. 


Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India offers affordable packages for the total hip replacement surgery in India to the Malawi Patients seeking effective healthcare. During this procedure, patients will entail the removal of the damaged hip with the plastic and metal combined prosthetic hip. 


Advantages for Malawi Patient undergoing Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India


• World class Best hospital for total hip replacement surgery in India with aid of Computer motor-assisted surgery (CAS)/ Computer power-assisted surgery/ Image target-hunting intervention and Surgical Navigation techniques


• Best hip replacement surgeon in India who have acquired super specialisation and training from the USA, UK, etc.


• Higher success rate for total hip replacement surgery in India 


• Affordable packages for the total hip replacement surgery in India


• Reliable surgery with consistent outcome that reduces the hip pain and restore the lost mobility. This improves the overall quality of your life. 


Best Hospital For Hip Replacement Treatment in India
Best Hospital For Hip Replacement Treatment in India


Special Offers Provided for Affordable Packages Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India


Highly Skilled and Experienced Medical Team

Our network of highly skilled and experienced medical team comprises of the top class US and UK Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons with extensive experience performing the surgery at premier center of excellent in India and abroad. This ensures providing the complete attention and care to the Malawi Patients. 


World Class Joints & Orthopaedic Hospitals in India

The hospitals in India are renowned for providing superior quality hip replacement surgery in India at the most affordable packages. 


Latest and Top Quality Implants

We have collaborated with the world class hospitals and the best hip replacement surgeon in India who use the finest and top quality implants, prosthesis and consumables that provide excellent outcome and long-term improvement in the patient’s quality of life. 


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Latest Cutting Edge Technology

We have support of the most advanced and latest cutting edge technology such as high end MRI, Computer Navigation, Neuro-navigation surgical systems, 64 slice CT, etc, for excellent outcomes. 


Affordable Packages for Total Hip Replacement

Malawi patients can avail the unbeatable cost advantage for the affordable total hip replacement surgery without compromising the quality of medical care at the cheapest hospital under the supervision of the best hip replacement surgeon in India. 


Comprehensive Assistance to Plan Your Medical Trip to India

Provide assistance with medial visa letters, arranging your travel, flight ticket bookings, transport to and fro the airport, stay, food, etc. 


Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India has been prominent medical value provider in India providing special offers on Hip Replacement Treatment India. Fix your appointment by calling at +91-98604322255 or send your query to enquiry@jointreplacementsurgeryhospitalindia.com


Wrap Up


Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India assists the Malawi Patient to get the total hip replacement surgery in India at the cheapest hospital. With our expertise and prompt response we help the patients from Malawi to get quick opinion from the hip replacement surgeons at the top hospitals located across the country. We have been providing the travel/accommodation arrangements, prior scheduling your hospital appointments, arrange airport pickup and drop, etc. We manage our patients needs by providing them personalised care and attention.