Low Cost Hip Resurfacing Surgery In India: What You Should Expect While Undergoing This Surgery

What Is  Hip Resurfacing Surgery ?

Hip resurfacing surgery in India or Arthroplasty can be a surgical procedure, which helps in restoring the function and integrity of joints. A joint can be easily restored with the help of resurfacing the bones. The artificial joint known as prosthesis can also be used. There are several kinds of arthritis that can hamper the joints. The conditions like osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease is all about loss of cartilage or cushion in a joint and is among the common reasons for arthoplasty. 


Why It Is Done?

When all the non surgical options fail, we need to consider the procedures like low cost Hip resurfacing surgery in India to get relief from the symptoms. Some of the reasons why this surgery is to get rid of the following conditions: 

Osteoarthritis: This kind of arthritis comes with age and is witnessed due to normal long wear and tear of knee joint generally seen among the people beyond the age of 50. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This surgery helps in giving liberty to inflammatory arthritis that occurs with this condition. 

Post Traumatic Arthritis:  This kind of arthritis can come along with severe kind of keen injury. 

Apart from the above major reasons for opting surgery, there are other reasons as well, which prompt the patient go surgery for condition called the Arthoplasty for RA. 



How Effective Is Hip Resurfacing Surgery ?

More often the surgery pertaining to Hip resurfacing surgery in India for Rheumatoid Arthritis is often positive in terms of reducing and removing the symptoms caused due to this condition. The surgery also helps in correcting the loss of cartilage along with bony destruction related to relevant stages. However, at times, one may not be able to reduce the pain and swelling that come along with this condition that is associated with RA.  



What To Expect Before The Hip Resurfacing Surgery ?

Once you make up your mind for low cost Hip resurfacing surgery in India for Rheumatoid Arthritis, you would be asked to hospitalise at the earliest. Once you check in the hospital, your doctor will explain the procedure and ask to do a couple of things as discussed below: 

• You will remain for at least 6 to 8 hours before the surgery for which you need to fast till the procedure starts. 

• You will get sedative before going for the procedure, which will help you relax. 

• You would meet the physical therapist before the surgery in order to understand the rehabilitation post surgery. 

• You would be asked certain specific things before the surgery as per the instructions of the surgeon. This will depend upon the conditions and symptoms you have. 


What To Expect During The Hip Resurfacing Surgery In India ?

This surgery would demand extra time for the hospital stay, which can vary as per the conditions and the practises of the doctor. The procedure is carried out when you are under general anaesthesia. The following are required to do during the Hip resurfacing surgery in India by the patient:

• You will get a gown to wear after removing the clothes. 

• You need an IV (intravenous) line in order to start the surgery over your hand or arm. 

• You would be positioned the best over the operating table in order to get the best access of the affected joints during the operation. 

• A urinary catheter will be inserted. 

• Excessive hair over your surgical area would be cleaned up along with the skin. 


What To Expect After The Hip Resurfacing  Surgery ?

After the surgery, you would be sent to the recovery room and then to the general ward followed by the discharge after a day or two. After the low cost Hip resurfacing surgery in India, you need to stay for a while in the hospital while the doctor will see your progress towards your healing process. So, your recovery would be divided into two halves, - the recovery in hospital and at home. Let’s check them out. 


Recovery In The Hospital

After the Hip resurfacing surgery in India, you will reach to the recovery room for monitoring your conditions. Once the doctor finds your blood pressure, breathing issues and pulse to be stable, you get shifted to the general room. You are required to stay in the hospital after the surgery for a couple of days. The physical therapist will start its exercise program. If you have pain, it will be controlled with the help of certain medications and exercises. 


Recovery At Home

Once you reach home, you have to follow all the instructions of the surgeon and the physical therapist. Meantime you need to continue with the exercise plan, which you can even try during your working space. In case if you have issues like pain or any other thing consult your doctor to get the right solution once you are done with the low cost Hip resurfacing surgery in India. 


Why Hip Resurfacing Surgery In India ?

The treatment pertaining to Arthroplasty or the Hip resurfacing surgery in India for Rheumatoid Arthritis has its best solutions in Indian hospitals. Thanks to the high end and state of art facilities equipped hospitals and medical infrastructure, which makes all the difference for the people trying out this solution.  The surgeons dealing with Arthroplasty for Rheumatoid Arthritis in India are highly competitive. The other reason is the availablity of low cost Hip resurfacing surgery in India or any other treatment has been an important USPs of Indian hospital. The cost difference comes to around 30 to 60 percent less as compared to the ones based in US and other developed nations. In India it may cost around 9000 USD, while the same procedure in US and UK would cost 40,000 & 15,000 USD respectively. 


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