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If you are looking knee replacement surgery in kerala then you have reached at the right place. But before that we need to know about the surgery first and then we head to other things in detail. The knee replacement surgery is also called as Total Knee Arthroplasty, which happens to be a surgical procedure wherein the surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and bone from knee joint surface and it is replaced with the artificial components. This surgical procedure is carried out on patients of different age groups with an exception of kids, whose bones tend to be growing still. As we know the knee functions the way the hinge work between femur and thigh bone along with in fibula and tibia over the lower leg bones. So, any damage can lead pressure that can create swelling and pain. The surgery helps in liberating the pain and thus improving upon the quality of life. India has gained a lot of recognition in healthcare sector and that has given a slew of best hospital for knee replacement surgery in Kerala and other states. 



There are various ways in which the surgery is carried out but we will discuss about the traditional knee replacement surgery in Kerala. As the name indicate it is a minimally invasive procedure which is carried out with the incision of 4-6 inches. The artificial implants are then used to make the traditional replacement. But the bones are then prepared with the help of a specially designed devices for getting the right placement of the implants. The method is called as less invasive and has less damage along with the adjacent structures, which end up resulting in the reduced postoperative pain, along with giving less amount of scars and getting early recovery. You get the best results when you are operated in the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in Kerala. 




When it comes to cost of the knee replacement surgery in kerala, then do keep in mind that the cost is among the most affordable one to consider. Even if you are considering the top and best hospital for knee replacement surgery in Kerala, the cost remains too much affordable that’s the crux of Indian healthcare services in India. The cost of the same surgery in the US and the UK is more than 4 to 5 times which drive the global patients to Indian hospitals as they know they get high quality knee replacement surgery in Kerala. To be precise, the cost of the surgery in India for knee replacement is around 3500 USD, while the same surgery in the developed nations would cost you around 24000 USD, which is huge.  


Success Rate

Talking about the knee replacement surgery in kerala, there are several factors that play a vital role in making things work. These include getting treated best hospital for knee replacement surgery in Kerala, the best surgeon and post surgery services which should be par to get the high quality and high success rate of the surgery. Thus the success rate would depend upon all these factors and then only getting 99.99 percent of success rate comes the way to the global patients. Interestingly, most of the hospitals that the global patients take resort into are among the best hospitals in the Indian state of Kerala and other states, which offer the said amount of success rate. 




The Indian state Kerala is a beauty state and is called as God’s Own Country for its natural beauty and charm. This is the reason why more and more global patients are coming for the various healthcare services. These certainly include knee replacement surgery in kerala. Thanks to the presence of wide array of best hospital for knee replacement surgery in kerala that give the best healthcare services. 



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