Knee Replacement Surgery Provides Freedom From Knee Pain

Overview: Knee Replacement Surgery


Replacing the knee joint becomes essential when the pain caused is too intense and unbearable for the patients. Such pain is caused by joint conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis or any kind of injury to the knee joint. If the pain gets so severe that:

• The patients are finding it very difficult to sit or get up from a chair

• Not able to stand on the affected leg for even a short duration

• The pain is not reduced even while resting 

• When medications, physiotherapy or other non-surgical methods are not reducing the swelling and inflammation 

• If degeneration of joint has led to knock-knees or bow-legs 


There are four types of Knee Replacement procedures:

• Total Knee Replacement

• Kneecap Replacement

• Partial Knee Replacement

• Complex or Revision Knee Replacement 


Why India For Knee Replacement Surgery?


For every treatment and surgery, we all look for how beneficial it will be. Knee Replacement procedure can be beneficial in many ways:

• There is long-lasting relief from the pain

• Owing to minimally invasive surgical approaches being available today, the patients can look forward to faster recovery

• The patients enjoy a far more active life

• Patients belong to any age group can benefit from a Knee Replacement procedure


When it comes to Knee Replacement surgery in India, there are quite a few benefits that the patients can look forward to:


• State-of-the-art hospitals like Fortis, Indraprastha Apollo, Medanta, Max Super Speciality and many more, with highly developed Orthopaedic departments 

• Highly learned and accomplished Knee Replacement surgeons to handle the most complex cases of knee disorders

• The cost of Knee Replacement surgery in India is much lower as compared to other leading nations such as USA, UK, etc.

• Patients can any corner of the world can reach India easily owing to excellent connectivity 

• Presence of an excellent support group like Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is a huge boost for the medical tourists

• Medical tourists are given high priority without them having to go through long wait lists.


How Much Does A Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In India?


Are you searching for an affordable Knee Replacement option? Your search ends in India because the cost of Knee Replacement surgery in India is extremely cost effective and you can save more than 60 percent of what you might have to pay in other leading countries. A Knee Replacement in India is priced at $6,600 while the same surgery costs $35,000 in USA. These major cost differences make India such a lucrative medical tourism destination. 


Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time


There is no doubt that Knee Replacement surgery is one of the most effective Orthopaedic procedures but like any other surgery the recovery period makes a lot of difference. The typical duration of hospital stay is about 1-5 days, can be 2-3 as well, depending on the surgical approach. There is ample amount of rest that needs to be given before the patients can resume with their routine activities. But at the same time, it also varies according to the profession of the patients. For example, for a sportsperson, the duration might be longer. More than 90 percent of the patients recover completely in 3 months; in rare cases the duration is 6 months. 


Knee Replacement Surgery Services Offered By Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India


• We are a well-established group having the best hospitals of India as a part of network

• The best Knee Replacement surgeons are associated with us and thus the international patients approaching can easily access the services of these Knee experts 

• Because Knee Replacement surgery is very expensive to handle for many patients, we ensure that while in India, such patients get very low cost of Knee Replacement surgery in India

• Our representatives are there all the time to help the patients in dealing with their visa, accommodation, travelling and food related requirements, etc.

• Our services are customized in such a way that the medical tourists find Knee Replacement surgery in India most comfortable

• The family members of the patients are kept updated about the patient’s progress

• The patients can be totally assured that they will be looked after till they recover completely


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