Knee Replacement Surgery In India – A Massively Successful Procedure For Several Medical Tourists



A Knee Replacement is not a very uncommon surgery; rather it is one of the most frequently availed procedures because of the outstanding and long-term benefits that it brings. With every passing year, more updated approaches like key-hole surgery are being added to make Knee Replacement all the more comfortable and fulfilling for the patients.


India is regularly updated her healthcare system and the hospitals in India too are investing a lot to keep their treatment and surgical infrastructure at par with international standards. This is important because India is at the forefront as a medical tourism destination and it is very crucial that that the international patients find the most progressive treatment methods easily viable here.



Looking at India’s soaring popularity in the medical tourism industry, more and more patients from various corners of the world are flocking to avail a varied range of surgeries. Knee Replacement procedure is one of these surgeries for which India is witnessing a huge inflow of international patients owing to the state-of-the-art hospitals, very commendable success rates, world-renowned Knee Replacement specialists and also because of the possibility of very cost-effective Knee Replacement.

Patient Story


One of the major boosting factors that are continually escalating India’s position as a treatment destination is the presence of immensely knowledgeable and experienced Orthopaedic surgeons. More specifically, when it comes to Knee Replacement surgery in India, there are Knee Replacement experts like Dr. Kaushal Malhan, who is respected worldwide as the pioneer in minimally invasive Knee and Hip procedures. 


In his career span of several years, he has had a huge number of surgical successes. One of these is an 81-year old patient from Iraq named Saliha, who was unfortunately bedridden for the past 15 years. She did not have any sensation in her legs and being overweight made the situation further worse for her. Even for the simplest kind of task, she was dependent on her family members.


Despite of trying their luck in many other countries like Turkey, Missar, Lebanon, Iran, her family could not find anything fruitful. Further, the surgeons were not ready to operate because of the factors like her age and, obesity and High Blood Pressure. This is when her family was suggested about taking her to Mumbai. While in Mumbai, they got her checked by Dr. Kaushal Malhan, who after evaluating her condition, recommended a Total Knee Replacement procedure. He used the ‘Tissue Preserving’ Technique and carried out the surgery with a huge surgical success. The post-surgery phase was very comfortable for Saliha and she reported to have gained immense relief from the pain. 


Thus, a patient who was not even able stand for an X-ray is now, with apt kind diet, physiotherapy and by maintaining appropriate weight, not only able to stand on her feet but is also able to walk. 



About Dr. Kaushal Malhan


He is one of the most preferred and acclaimed Orthopaedic experts in India, who has changed the face of the Total Knee Replacement and Partial Knee Resurfacing procedure. Looking at the fast and smooth recovery process, his ‘Tissue Preserving’ technique has been included in the ‘Limca Book of Records’. With an extensive and rich experience in this field, he is the only Orthopaedic to attempt direct anterior approach for Total Hip Replacement.


Role Of Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India


Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, as an extremely established medical tour planner, is a widespread and very well-recognized network that includes the best hospitals and surgeons of India. In the matter of Knee Replacement Surgery in India, we have assisted many patients to get connected with these hospitals and doctors. 


We also ensured that Saliha’s family could reach Dr. Malhan, associated with Fortis Hospital, Mulund located in Mumbai. Further, by providing round the clock support, Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India ensured that Saliha and her family did not face any obstacles during the whole treatment process and covered each and every aspect of their medical tour that include the medical visa, accommodation, hospital coordination and much more. 


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