Best Hospitals For Joint Replacement Treatment In Kerala Offering Major Respite To The Medical Tourists


The need for a Joint Replacement arises if an individual is found to be suffering from varied kinds of joint disorders or an injury that has damaged the particular joint. Also, with the natural process of ageing and excessive use of the joints, there are conditions that damage the joints badly. When the non-surgical methods fail to provide any kind of relief, that is a Joint Replacement is recommended. 

The specific types of Joint Replacement are:


• Total or Partial Knee Replacement

• Total Hip Replacement

• Unicompartmental Knee Replacement 

• Shoulder Joint Replacement

• Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

• Total Elbow Replacement

• Wrist Joint Replacement (Wrist Arthroplasty)


These procedures are highly popular owing to their effectiveness and long term benefits. With these surgeries becoming less invasive, the road to recovery too is very smooth for the patients, who are able to enjoy a more active and improved quality of life.


What Is The Cost Of Joint Replacement Treatment In Kerala?


The general assumption is that the more advanced the treatment is, the more money the patients have to shell out and that too if the patients are thinking of availing it in a progressive city like Kerala. But quite opposite to this assumption, much to the relief of the international patients, Kerala offers extremely affordable Joint Replacement treatment and surgery.


For example, the cost of Hip Replacement in USA is $40,364 while in Kerala, India is $7,200. Also, the Knee Replacement surgery in USA is priced at $35,000 whereas in Kerala, India it costs $6,600.


What Is Joint Replacement Success Rate In Kerala?


Kerala is one of those cities in India, which has surpassed many leading cities in the matter of healthcare facilities. More specifically, when it comes to Joint Replacement there are exceptional amenities making these hospitals extremely favoured. The best hospitals for Joint Replacement treatment in Kerala have pioneering treatment services that have majorly benefitted countless patients. With such sophisticated surgical infrastructure and the availability of extremely veteran and experienced Joint Replacement specialists, the success rates of Joint Replacement procedures are very appreciable and at par with global benchmarks.


Where Can I Find The Best Joint Replacement Hospital In Kerala?


Kerala is one of the most advanced cities with a very well developed and matured healthcare system. There are hospitals blessed with the finest level of healthcare services, from which numerous patients are benefitting every year; especially the best hospital for Joint Replacement treatment in Kerala are extremely sought after for the kind of treatment options that are offered to patients. Hospitals like Aster Medcity Hospital, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre and many other such hospitals are there that are proving very affordable and most progressive Joint Replacement cure to the patients. Further, each and every kind of Joint Replacement surgeries is done with the help of most modern surgical approaches being performed successfully. 


Why International Patients Looking For Joint Replacement Via Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant?


Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant is a huge and very well established network of doctors and surgeons, who are highly trained and have attained the top degrees in the field of Orthopaedics, making them some of the most qualified medical professionals of India. Also:


• We have the best hospitals for Joint Replacement treatment in Kerala, associated with us where we can plan the surgeries for these patients 

• These hospitals are using the best and most novel treatment and surgery techniques 

• The comfort of the patients is given maximum priority

• Very cost effective Joint Replacement surgery possible

• The patients do not face any language issues 

• We take care of the medical visa, hotel accommodation, food requirements, travel arrangements and much more

• Initially, we can plan a consultation over conference with the concerned Orthopaedic specialists 

• We follow up till the patients have recovered completely

• Once the doctors have approved, we can also arrange for a vacation, either before or post-treatment 


Thus, with this plethora of services are available to make their medical tours extremely comfortable and a very rewarding experience. No wonder, more and more international patients are opting for Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant.


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