More Medical Tourists Avail Easily Viable And Effective Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Overview: Knee Replacement Surgery in India


The Knee Replacement procedure is also known as Knee Arthroplasty and it is a very prevalent and popular surgery these days. Several people with problems like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or patients with severe knee injury are opting for this very effective Knee procedure. It is massively beneficial for patient suffering from extreme knee pain, stiffness leading to limping, Chronic Knee infection, any types of Knee deformity, inflammation, which is limiting the patients from performing the routine activities with ease. 


India, as a healthcare tourism destination is well respected today. More and more medical tourists are finalizing this country as their ultimate treatment destination; especially for Knee Replacement procedures, owing to the outstanding treatment amenities available here. With the apt Joint Replacement hospitals, ample availability of Orthopaedic experts and other related resources, India is blessed with the perfect attributes and this has positioned her in a much advantageous stature.


Best Hospitals For Knee replacement Surgery In India


1) Fortis Hospital Gurgaon – 


        The Fortis group of hospitals is one of the most recognized hospitals, nationally and internationally. It has dedicated department for almost every arena of healthcare that are catering wholeheartedly to patients across the globe. This hospital has the most recent technologies and Knee replacement treatment techniques that have made Knee Replacement Surgery in India so very favourable. The team working behind this is highly trained and does its best to bring out the best results.


2) Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Delhi – 


        It is one of the largest healthcare chains under the umbrella of the Apollo Group. This is a multi-specialty tertiary acute care centre of excellence offering the most modern facilities related to Knee Replacement treatment and surgeries. This hospital is equipped with the most sophisticated Knee Replacement treatment techniques and has been serving such patients with supreme care. Further, there are highly experienced Orthopaedic surgeons, who can deal with the most complex types of Knee ailments. 


Top Knee Specialists for Knee Replacement Surgery in India


1) Dr. Ashok Rajgopal – 


        Currently associated with Fortis Escorts, he is one of the best Knee surgeons in India, very renowned for his proficiency and a recipient of the Padma Shri award, Dr. Rajgopal has a unique achievement of performing 28 Total Knee Replacement procedures within 12 hours. In his 30 years of expertise and vast experience, he has performed more than 25,000 Total Knee Replacement surgeries. He is the first Orthopaedic surgeon in India, who has performed virtual Total Knee Replacement by using patient-specific instruments, ensuring more perfection and the best results.


2) Dr. Manoj Miglani – 


        He is at present a Senior Consultant – Orthopaedics and Spine Surgeon at Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj. He is extremely talented and in his career of more than 15 years, he is performed numerous and complex Spine and Joint Replacement procedures. He specializes in Spinal trauma and cases of degenerations and has special interest in Minimally Invasive Spine surgeries like Endoscopic surgeries and fixations. He ensures the maximum level of comfort for his patients. 


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