Lowest Price Knee Replacement Surgery In India In Great Demand For International Patient


If you experience difficulty to perform the simplest of activities such as climbing or walking up the stairs due to knee arthritis and if the non surgical methods have failed to provide you relief from pain, then you need to opt for the affordable knee joint replacement surgery cost in India offered by Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. Our group has association with the best knee surgeons at the top Indian hospitals providing safe and effective as well as low price of knee replacement surgery to relieve the pain, correct the deformity and help you resume the normal day to day activities. 


Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery


There are several types of knee replacement surgery offered to treat the knee arthritis. The following the types of knee replacement surgery:


Total Knee Replacement Surgery provides the patients with pain relief and improved knee joint function. This surgery involves cutting the arthritically damaged ends of the tibia and femur and capping both with the prostheses.


Partial Knee Replacement Surgery treats the arthritically damaged compartment of the knee joint while preserving the healthy regions. This surgery involves replacing only one of the knee’s three compartments. As compared to the total knee replacement, this surgery is less invasive hence it is less painful and the recovery time is less. However, the partial knee replacement is not as reliable as the total knee replacement to alleviate the pain. 



Knee Osteotomy is surgery which is appropriate for a limited number of younger, physically active individual whose poor knee alignment that causes a great deal of wear and tear on just a side of the knee joint which is called asymmetrical knee arthritis or unilateral knee arthritis.


Knee Arthroscopy surgery involves the surgeon making small incision through which a very small video camera and surgical tools are inserted. This will help the surgeon to make an assessment of the joint degeneration due to arthritis. 


The types of surgery will be recommended depending on several factors such as the patient’s anatomy, age, lifestyle, general health, personal preferences and your surgeon’s preferences and experience. 




The price of knee replacement surgery in India is low as compared to the cost of the surgery in the developed nations such as the US, UK, etc. When undergoing your medical treatment in India, we assure you the most affordable knee joint replacement surgery price in India with highest quality health care. Getting the surgery in India can save you close to 60% of the cost when getting the same surgery in the West. Hence you can use this money for sightseeing of beautiful tourist places in India. 



Success Rate

The success rate of knee joint replacement surgery in India is quite high with nine out of 10 people having reported to experience immediate pain relief. Around 95% of individuals who have had undergone the affordable knee joint replacement surgery cost in India have been satisfied with this procedure. In terms of longevity, around 90% of the implants last for over 10 years and 80% remain in good condition even after 20 years. 


Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India assists the foreign patients seeking low price of knee replacement surgery in India. We have tied up with the top knee surgeons who are highly qualified with vast experience at the best hospitals with latest medical equipments and state of the art infrastructures. To know the knee joint replacement surgery cost in India, call +91-98604-32255 or send your query to enquiry@jointreplacementsurgeryhospitalindia.com