India proffering marked-down price for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Joint plays important role in our normal and daily routine work. Hip joint allows an individual to walk, run, sit and even stand properly. The primary function of hip joint is to support the weight of the body in both static and dynamic posture and even retaining body balance. One of the most prominent reasons for Total Hip Replacement Surgery is osteoarthritis in the hip joint. Stiffness, swelling and chronic pain in joint i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, injury in the hip joint, osteonecrosis (a disease of the bone which affects the joints) and bone tumor that break down the hip joint are some stated reasons which interfere with the daily ability of the individual to do everyday activities with ease.


Total Hip Replacement Surgery is an intricate surgical procedure in wherein the diseased or damaged cartilage and bone of the hip joint is removed and replaced with a man-made artificial prosthesis. The orthopedic surgeon will evaluate the medical reports of the patient and discuss with the patient whether the surgical procedure will be beneficial or not to relief pain and improve mobility of the hip joint. The orthopedic surgeon will even evaluate other treatment options i.e. medication, physical therapy or any other treatment alternative to best suit the patient’s condition. If the patient has decided to undergo surgical procedure then the surgeon will provide with pre and post-operative guidebook to prepare him/her for the surgery.


International patients are coming to India for colossal range of surgery and treatment options and Total Hip Replacement Surgery is one of them. Joint replacement surgery is provided in all the metropolitan cities of India and international patients can easily avail the services with no waiting list. Indian hospitals and medical professionals have first-rate expertise to perform complex surgical procedures with simplicity and success. Comparing with best services provided worldwide, India is the most favored destination for international patients looking for quality-care treatment options at remarkably less cost. The cost of surgeries is very less in India as an international patient can save up-to 70-80% for their medical treatment.


Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital, medical team has vast expertise and has successfully treated many international patients by giving unmatched results for Total Hip Replacement Surgery.  The entire team provides complete assistance to international patients, starting from appointment with the favored surgeon to post-operative care provided by the medicinal staff; the services of Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital adds value to experience of patients in India.

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